Hyphead - a lowtech beanie

par Daniel Kraus sur Mar 12, 2023

Hello to the powernap community!

Today's post refers to an interesting article I read in last week's Sonntagszeitung. It reviews the history of sleeping masks, mentionning some luxury brands and tech companies are bringing them back to fashion.

Although good sleepers seem not to need such masks, they may help those with more difficulties falling asleep, in particular in the summer, when it is difficult to have a dark room. This is confirmed in the article by Ingo Fietze, Head of the Center of Sleep medicine at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. There however seems to be no scientific proof of their benefit. It's actually like for a nightcap beanie : one tries it, one likes it, one adopts it, and one can't live without it anymore (or not...).

What seems clear: to many technical "schnickschacks" are not necessary, and might, on the contrary, disturb. At Hyphead, we just love high quality lowtech.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!