Unique quality beanies

Hyphead manufactures its beanies in Switzerland with durable and high quality materials, in protected workshops.


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for your naps

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Why wear a cap while sleeping?

Both day and night

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Night & Cocooning

Hats specially designed for a sweet moment of relaxation.

What our customers think

Hyphead and music!

"Photo taken a little quickly to take advantage of the good weather. It goes without saying that I will put the work back on the job when I am at home, the weather is nice and I will not be alone to master the hat, the horn and the camera..."

André K. Vaud CH

I love it

"I wear it to sleep. The beanie is very soft and feels quality.

It keeps my head warm and allows me to turn down the heating in my room a few degrees."

Anne M. Neuchâtel CH

Sehr praktisch

"Nimm dieses Bild. Diese Mütze gefällt mir sehr gut für meine Nickerchen."

Anonymous. Bern CH

Perfect for traveling

"I needed something light and compact to sleep in transport, so I tried Hyphead and I'm delighted!"

Nicole B. Vaud CH

Our mission

We believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep.

That's why we put all our passion into bringing a forgotten accessory up to date: the nightcap.

We are proud to offer top quality beanies that are built to last and reflect our commitment to sustainability . Indeed, we have opted for modal for the manufacture of our hats because it is much less water-intensive than cotton during its production.

So, if you too want to find the comfort of a good night's sleep , while doing a responsible gesture for the environment , don't hesitate any longer and discover our collection of night (and day) caps now!

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